Sold Out


Short blast by 2 providers of premium demolished sound. GUILTY CONNECTOR (Japan) - deep wall of static and junk with good bass, MAAAA (Poland/Russia) - rapid load of distorted metaljunk blasts, synth noisewaste and dog barking. Pro-done cassette with a full color artwork, wrapped. Limited to 100 copies. Co-release with XVP and Chaosynod. Review

[TR-44] K2 “Ha Ga Ne” CD (2010) - SOLD OUT

A member of 80s mail-art-scene, the King of metal Junk Noise of 90s - Kimihide Kusafuka - a surgical pathologist and a scientist started his musical activity. After early period of ambient/industrial works, then blasting metal collages, in the end of 2009 K2 started a new chapter, changed the method and the style of his noise. “HA GA NE” is made with processed old metal tape recordings and distorted Korg MS-20 synth, recorded and mixed traditionally on MTR. Loud’n’fast cut-up noise! Kimihide Kusafuka says: “Punk rock gave me both the concept that the persons who cannot play the musical instruments professionally and skillfully are even able to play “music”, and the loudness of the aggressive rock sounds. (…) I have been considering on the relationship between the loudness and complexity of noise music and the biological (or scientific) and social influences. “Noise” is a factor, which should be excluded in the post-modern “clean” world, but I think that “noise” - like factor needed for acquisition of healthy balance between inner (personal) and outer (social) sides. If no noise exists in the world, I think that we will self-destroy. Loudness and complexity of noise give us the paralyzing of our logical and rigid thinking circuits, and speed of noise give us the freshness or relaxation of our firm right brains.” This is real CD, limited to 250. Co-release with Cerosene.


We proudly present the newest album of amazing old school noise unit from Saint-Petersburg. ALISA-YHTYE, who has been made noise since 1997 with different names, has few albums and splits. This work continue good traditions: raw sound, full of analogue dirt, screaming feedbacks and fucking metal junks as well. Great vintage industrial/noise. Limited to 100. Review